The Life of a Signal: Data Traceability of Fuel Flare Vent Systems 

Our recent webinar, hosted by Timothy Chase, provided a comprehensive walkthrough of methods for measuring, collecting, sorting, and transporting data in energy systems. Learn about the impact of stakeholders on data management, the biggest contributors to data loss, and the effects on operational efficiencies, reporting requirements, and regulatory compliance.

Stay ahead of increasingly complex regulatory requirements

Envirosoft’s Fuel Flare Vent Manager solution tracks and reports fuel, flare, and vent volumes through a centralized web-based application, allowing users to:  

– Estimate unmetered fuel consumption volumes 

– Estimate flared and vented volumes from both routine and non-routine sources 

– Prorate estimated volumes to balance with a supply gas meter and report in appropriate fuel, flare, vent categories 

Manage routine sources and record non-routine events

Fuel Flare Vent Manager calculates flared and vented volumes from continuous emission sources, such as: Pneumatic devices, Chemical pumps, Casing gas, Solution gas, Glycol dehydrators, Storage tanks, Compressor rod packing and wet/dry seals

As well as intermittent events, like: Pigging, Well blowdowns, Piping blowdowns, Vessel and compressor blowdowns, Compressor starts, Emergency shutdowns (ESD’s) 

Integrates into your current workflow

Integrate meter and utilization data from field data capture systems to calculate Fuel Flare and Vent volumes. Reports aligned with common production accounting systems can be uploaded to production accounting systems for Petrinex reporting. Envirosoft reduces the effort it takes to manage, calculate, and output FFV data, and decreases your risk of non-compliance with measurement and reporting directives. 

Streamline your emissions management

Transfer information between operations and production accounting with ease, so that you can focus less on data management, and more on the success of your business. Our accurate volume estimations ensure compliance across jurisdictions, giving decision-makers the confidence they need. 

Trusted by oil & gas companies globally

Discover how you can ensure your data and volume estimates are transparent, readily available, and centrally accessible for internal and external reviews & audits.

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