Increase transparency & accuracy with Fuel Flare Vent Manager

With the increasing importance of methane reduction, operations and production accounting professionals are required to report on evolving regulatory requirements.

Envirosoft’s Fuel Flare Vent Manager solution helps to easily track and report fuel, flare, and vent volumes through a centralized web-based application, giving you access to fast and accurate calculations and more control over your data.

  • Accurately estimate unmetered fuel consumption volumes
  • Efficiently estimate flared and vented volumes from both routine and non-routine sources
  • Automatically prorate estimated volumes to balance with a supply gas meter and report in appropriate categories

Accurately manage routine sources and reduce effort to record non-routine events

Fuel Flare Vent Manager helps to accurately calculate flared and vented volumes from continuous emission sources, like compressor rod packing and wet/dry seals, pneumatic devices, chemical pumps, casing gas, solution gas, glycol dehydrators, and storage tanks.

Reduce the effort required by operations to record and estimate flared and vented volumes from intermittent events, like well blowdowns, piping, vessel and compressor blowdowns, compressor starts, and unplanned shutdowns.

Easy integration

Fuel Flare Vent Manager easily integrates data from field data capture systems (e.g. Avocet, PVR), and outputs an upload file to all common production accounting systems (e.g. PAS, Metrix). Envirosoft’s easy integration reduces the amount of effort it takes to manage, calculate, and output FFV data on a monthly basis, which decreases your risk of non-compliance with measurement and reporting directives.

Streamlined data

Envirosoft’s integrated software solution streamlines your emissions data and does all of the required calculations for ease of reporting. Give decision-makers the confidence that a valuable business control process is in place and that volume estimations adhere to the right methodologies and jurisdictions.

Streamline the transfer of information between operations and production accounting, easing the process for both departments and ensuring that fuel, flare, and vent volumes are properly captured and reported.

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Discover how you can ensure your data and volume estimates are transparent, readily available, and centrally accessible for internal and external reviews & audits.

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