A streamlined workflow for managing glycol dehydrator operating & analytical data

Quickly and easily manage updates to your annual dehy operating and analytical data. Efficiently model dehydrator benzene emissions, and create the DEOS graph in seconds using a fully-integrated copy of the GRI-GLYCalc v4.0 software. Generate the DEOS and Annual Benzene Inventory with ease.

  • Run unlimited simulations based on varying operating parameters to aid optimization
  • Incorporate modeling from other engineering simulation software, such as HYSYS® or ProMax®
  • Easily upload analytical data from multiple laboratories using Envirosoft’s upload utilities

Save time & ensure compliance

Use Envirosoft’s Dehy Manager software solution for all of your DEOS and benzene inventory reporting requirements. When you employ the Dehy Manager web-based application, you’re reducing the time required to model emissions from glycol dehydrators. And by using our lab data upload utility you will decrease the risk of inaccuracies and increase efficiencies from manual data entry.

Trusted by oil & gas companies globally

More than 50% of the operating glycol dehydrators in Alberta are managed using Dehy Manager. Discover how you can use this proven and easy-to-use application to reliably manage all of your dehydrator reporting requirements.

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