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Envirosoft’s EMPOWER suiteTM platform is an integrated software suite designed to meet the environmental, regulatory, and compliance needs of the oil and gas industry. Our commitment is that our system is continuously being enhanced based on evolving regulatory requirements and client feedback. The EMPOWER suiteTM combines Envirosoft’s individual applications through a single access portal offering a comprehensive data management solution to automate the business processes for data collection, calculations, reporting, and integration with other systems.


Emission ManagerTM

Emission Manager™ is a web-based emissions management software solution specifically designed to meet the unique challenges for the oil and gas industry.  It is currently being used by over 30 oil and gas companies in Canada and internationally to calculate, manage and report both facility-level and company-wide criteria air contaminant (CAC) emissions and greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions and intensities. 

The key features and benefits of Emission Manager™ include the following:

  • Monthly, Quarterly or Annual Loading of reported production accounting data from Petrinex including Fuel, Flare and Vent and production/disposition volumes
  • Default emission factors and typical gas compositions are provided throughout the application to get you up and running quickly and efficiently with reasonable emission estimates
  • Site specific equipment data and gas compositions can be configured and/or imported by the user
  • Numerous upload utilities are available to the user in order to quickly and efficiently upload pertinent data from other external sources (asset systems, laboratory databases, fugitive emissions databases, etc.)
  • An intuitive user interface provides for easy access, care, and control of company emissions and production data
  • A flexible dashboard can to be configured and shared with other users in order to monitor the state of your company’s emissions and trendlines at a glance.
  • Reports providing calculated results have repeatedly passed third party verification to a reasonable level of assurance by numerous certified auditors over the years
  • Specific reports are available for upload to NPRI as well as to the new AER OneStop for methane emissions reporting in Alberta
Fuel-Flare-Vent ManagerTM

Fuel-Flare-Vent Manager™ is a web-based software solution used by Operations and Production Accounting personnel to track and report both metered and unmetered fuel, flare, or vent volumes in one centralized system across your company’s operations.  This has become increasingly important with the new methane reduction and reporting initiatives since the vast majority of methane emitted is from the multitude of small, unmetered sources scattered throughout a company’s operations.

Fuel-Flare-Vent Manager™ provides for the following:

  • Newly developed Fuel Gas Proration functionality addresses the challenges facing Production Accountants for the proper reporting of Fuel, Flare and Vent volumes as per the new definitions in AER’s Directive 017 and Directive 060.
  • Calculates estimated volumes of any unmetered fuel consumption (natural gas, diesel, propane and gasoline).
  • Calculates estimated flared and vented volumes (corrected to standard conditions) from intermittent (non-routine) events such as well blowdowns, piping, vessel and compressor blowdowns, compressor starts and unplanned shutdowns.
  • Calculates estimated flared and vented volumes (corrected to standard conditions) from continuous (routine) emission sources such as compressor rod packing and wet/dry seals, pneumatic devices, chemical pumps; casing gas, solution gas, glycol dehydrators and storage tanks.

Other key benefits of Fuel-Flare-Vent Manager™ include the following:

  • Streamlines the transfer of information between Operations and Production Accounting, easing the burden on both departments and ensuring that fuel, flare and vent volumes are properly captured and reported.
  • Provides confidence to senior management that a valuable business control process has been implemented, that volume estimations adhere to the applicable methodologies appropriate for the various jurisdictions, and that the calculations are handled in a consistent manner across the company.
  • Makes the information used for the volume estimates transparent, easily available, and centrally accessible for internal and external review and audits.
  • Provides disaggregated vent volumes in order to properly report methane emissions to the AER under Directive 060. Disaggregated vent volumes are also integrated and available for use by Emission Manager™.

Your Needs related to this solution:  Fuel, Flare, and Vent Estimation and Reporting, Methane/Greenhouse Gas (GHG) Inventory Management and Reporting

Dehy ManagerTM

Dehy Manager™ is a web-based application for the management of glycol dehydrator operating and analytical data. It provides a streamlined workflow for the annual collection of updated operating and analytical data required for preparing the Dehydrator Engineering and Operation Sheets (DEOS), as well as the annual benzene and methane emissions inventory required under AER Directive 039 (and other provincial equivalents)

The key features and benefits of Dehy Manager™ include the following:

  • A powerful data management system that tracks all dehy operating data, analytical data and nearby residence/public notification information in one easily accessible application.
  • GRI GLYCalc v.4 modeling software is integrated into Dehy Manager™ for convenience as a screening tool (licensed by the Gas Technology Institute).
  • Allows for entry of modeled outputs from other engineering simulation software such as HYSYS, PROMAX
  • Upload utilities are provided for the transfer of analytical data from multiple laboratories
  • Unlimited simulations can be run based on varying operating parameters to aid with optimization
  • Pre-formatted DEOS and annual benzene/methane emissions inventory submissions are easily generated through the application’s reporting function.
  • Emissions can be directly imported into Emission Manager™

Your Needs related to this solution:  Glycol Dehydrator Management, Fuel, Flare, and Vent Estimation and Reporting, Methane/Greenhouse Gas (GHG) Inventory Management and Reporting

NOx ManagerTM

NOx Manager™ is a web-based data management application for managing company compliance with Environment and Climate Change Canada’s (ECCC) Multi-Sector Air Pollutant Regulation (MSAPR) for stationary spark-ignition (reciprocating) engines.

The key features and benefits of NOx Manager™ include the following:

  • Provides a repository for engine registration information that requires ongoing maintenance and updating in the federal government’s Engine Registry
  • Provides compliance monitoring and management for individual engine limits as well as ongoing monitoring of Flat Limit or Yearly Average intensities for Groups/Subgroups throughout the year.
  • Provides a Scenario Tool to model impacts of acquisitions/divestitures on engine inventory and emission intensity threshold for Groups/Subgroups
  • Performance Test/Emission Check Scheduling and email notification
  • Annual compliance reporting and recordkeeping
  • Reduces the need for deep in-house MSAPR expertise (as all compliance processes and workflows will be encapsulated in the application)
  • Reduces the risks associated with non-compliance such as overlooked testing and non-reporting.
  • Reduces the financial risks associated with Acquisition and Divestiture activity by being able to model the impact of selling compliant or acquiring non-compliant engines through the Scenario Tool.

Your Needs related to this solution:  Multi-Sector Air Pollutant Regulation (MSAPR) Compliance Management, National Pollutant Release Inventory (NPRI) Reporting

Regulatory Document ManagerTM

Regulatory Document Manager™ is a web-based repository for facility licence and Directive 056 schedule information offered in the form of a “managed service”, whereby clients gain access to the documents over the internet, but Envirosoft is responsible for maintaining the information on an ongoing basis The key features and benefits of Regulatory Document Manager™ include the following:
  • Provides convenient and easy on-line access for viewing and retrieving Alberta Energy Regulator (AER) facility licence documents;
  • Provides access to a facility’s regulatory history (including all historical licences, amendments, and associated Directive 056 Application Schedules);
  • Increases confidence that the most current facility regulatory information is being viewed for decision-making purposes;
  • Alleviates employee frustration and waste of time to track down regulatory information;
  • Expanded functionality (through RDM+) allows for companies to develop searchable tags and upload their own regulatory documents for recordkeeping purposes
  • Integrated with Emission Manager™ and Fuel-Flare-Vent Manager™
Your Needs related to this solution:  Regulatory Document Management

Environmental Project ManagerTM

Environmental Project ManagerTM is a web-based  project management application used for planning, budgeting, progress tracking and invoice reconciliation of all your environmental projects undertaken at your company’s wellsites and facilities, regardless of what point they are at in their life cycle (operating, suspended, abandoned, or in the process of being reclaimed).

The key features and benefits of Environmental Project Manager™ include the following:

  • Companies can bulk upload their wells and facilities lists so that they are available in the application
  • Cost centers and AFE’s can be easily populated and major/minor codes for various tasks items can be uploaded into the application
  • Projects can be created by or assigned to consultants who can then separately log in under their own user name and enter budgets, daily activity records and track estimated costs/field tickets for the jobs they have been assigned to
  • Company representatives have the ability to create or approve budgets, monitor consultant progress and reconcile invoiced amounts against the estimated project costs and approved budgets
  • Consulting companies can only see site information and details for those jobs that they have been assigned to
  • Mapping capabilities allow users (from both operating companies and consulting companies) to quickly identify all their active, closed and future jobs on Google Maps
  • In the event of an acquisition or divestiture, the operating company status for the site can be easily updated with an effective date. In this way, the selling company can retain access to the historical site and project information up until the time of divestiture, while the new company is granted access to all the site history as part of its ongoing management of the newly acquired site

Your Needs related to this solution:  Environmental Project Management, Environmental Performance Monitoring and Stakeholder Relations

Centralized and Accessible Emissions Data

Collecting and managing source data is often the biggest challenge in meeting your various internal and external emissions reporting requirements. Having a centralized emissions management platform makes both the source data as well as the calculated emissions data easily accessible, and enables the power of data sharing between systems in order to streamline business processes, avoid duplication of effort and control costs.

Transparent and Auditable Software Solutions

With renewed focus both federally and provincially on managing greenhouse gases and other air emissions, there is ever increasing regulatory scrutiny on the quality and completeness of the emissions data being reported and independently verifying that the data are calculated in adherence to established methodologies.


Envirosoft’s solutions provided as part of our EMPOWER SuiteTM  are proven, and the calculation algorithms embedded in the software have been through numerous third party verifications by various engineering and accounting firms to ensure adherence to established methodologies.

Software Support

As a specialised software provider, we value each and every customer engagement. Our priority is to provide exceptional customer service, gain feedback from users, and continue to develop the software to meet the evolving needs of industry.

Fit-For-Purpose Software

Envirosoft’s solutions provided as part of our EMPOWER suiteTM are designed as fit-for-purpose, and are continuously being enhanced based on evolving regulatory requirements and client feedback.

Environmental Expertise

Envirosoft’s solutions are designed by engineers with decades of experience in providing environmental and regulatory consulting services to the oil and gas industry.

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