Manage, track, and report data & emissions using an integrated, web-based software suite

The EMPOWER suite is an intuitive and fit-for-purpose software suite that saves you time and ensures your company’s regulatory compliance. Take advantage of all of Envirosoft’s individual applications when you access an integrated portal, which provides you comprehensive data management capabilities and automated business processes. Collect, calculate, and report your data with confidence with the EMPOWER suite.

  • Reduce costs for implementation & maintenance
  • Efficiently integrate ongoing application development
  • Employ cross-application management of user roles
  • Take advantage of centralized support
  • Reduce reliance on third-parties
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    Fuel, Flare, Vent Management

    Easily track & report FFV volumes to meet provincial measurement & reporting directives, and to aid with methane management.

    Discover Fuel•Flare•Vent Manager

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    Emissions Management

    Make better business decisions & stay ahead of the competition when you track your company’s emissions and trend lines & monitor key performance indicators.

    Discover Emission Manager

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    Engine Management

    Effectively manage MSAPR engine registration, performance test/emission check scheduling and results, NOx calculations, reporting and record keeping.

    Discover NOx Manager

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    Glycol Dehydrator

    Quickly & easily manage annual updates to your DEOS allowing multiple simulations based on varying operating parameters for dehy optimization.

    Discover Dehy Manager

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    Environmental Project Management

    Quickly and efficiently plan, budget, track, and invoice environmental projects at your company’s well sites and facilities

    Discover Environmental Project Manager

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    Facility Licence Management

    Gain timely access to facility licence and application documents so you can better understand your business & plan effectively for the future.

    Discover Regulatory Document Manager

Your complete emissions management & reporting workflow solution

Take advantage of Envirosoft’s entire line of software applications when you purchase a subscription to the EMPOWER suite, a single-access portal to our comprehensive workflow solution. Reduce your company’s corporate risks and adhere to evolving regulations when you employ our robust system & integrated processes.

  • Your company’s data is seamlessly integrated from one software application to another
  • All current & historical data is secure & readily available to designated users on your team
  • Experience care & control of your data, while reducing the need for spreadsheets and other manual & error-prone processes
  • Gain a single source of truth for managing & reporting GHG emissions data, FFV volumes, and more

Emission Manager

Confidently calculate, manage, and report greenhouse gas emissions and intensities, and criteria air contaminant emissions.

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Fuel·Flare·Vent Manager

Accurately track and report metered and unmetered Fuel, Flare, and Vent volumes using a centralized software solution, perfect for your company’s entire operations.

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Dehy Manager

Efficiently manage glycol dehydrator operating and analytical data by employing a streamlined workflow. Respond to provincial directives and report with confidence.

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NOx Manager

Expertly manage your company’s compliance with Environment and Climate Change Canada’s (ECCC) Multi-Sector Air Pollutant Regulation (MSAPR) for stationary spark-ignition engines.

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Regulatory Document Manager

Utilize our web-based repository for current and historical facility licence documents, ensuring you have the most current information for critical decision-making.

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Environmental Project Manager

Quickly and efficiently plan, budget, track and invoice environmental projects at your company’s well sites and facilities with our web-based project management application.

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“We had an extremely successful and smooth implementation of Fuel•Flare•Vent Manager. We piloted and subsequently fully implemented the FFVM solution (including training) across all of our operations and production accounting department in under 10 months. Our end-users readily embraced the new system, and the in-depth subject matter expertise made available to us through Envirosoft’s implementation team was invaluable!”

Sr. Measurement Technician – Cenovus Energy

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Gain the expertise you need to confidently calculate, manage, and report emissions data & intensities in the oil & gas industry.