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Envirosoft provides engineered, fit-for-purpose environmental and regulatory solutions for the oil and gas industry. Our proven suite of applications streamline existing business processes and empower our clients by providing easy access and allowing them to have care and control of their own data.

A Look at the Numbers

Envirosoft’s EMPOWER suiteTM is the only web-based emissions management platform that is not only comprehensive and built as fit-for-purpose, but is also scalable for our oil and gas clients. As a result, our share of the Canadian market has grown significantly since we incorporated in 2003.  We provide solutions to over 25 oil and gas producers and midstreamers of various sizes in Canada.

Emission ManagerTM

Fuel-Flare-Vent ManagerTM

Regulatory Document ManagerTM

Dehy ManagerTM

Emission ManagerTM was used by over 30 oil and gas client companies to generate and upload emissions data that represent over 47% of the oil and gas facilities reporting to the National Pollutant Release Inventory.  Due to our ever-increasing market share, this percentage is expected to continue to grow in the coming years.

The count of active users for our Fuel-Flare-Vent ManagerTM currently stands at over 850 and is growing fast. The vast majority of these users are Field Operators and Production Accountants who use FFVM in their normal business practices to meet the challenges of reporting FFV data as part of their production accounting requirements and EPAP commitments.

Our Regulatory Document ManagerTM provides easy, on-line access to regulatory data for the approximately 35,000 active AER Facility Licenses in Alberta. As of today, we have compiled Directive 56 schedule information for approximately 20,000 new and amended facility licence applications submitted to the AER dating back to 2006.

Dehy ManagerTM is used to generate the Dehydrator Engineering and Operations Sheets (DEOS) and report benzene emissions for approximately 700 operating glycol dehydrators in Canada. An additional 1,350 inactive dehydrators are also managed through Dehy Manager for inventory and reporting purposes.

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