Envirosoft provides engineered, fit-for-purpose environmental and regulatory solutions for the oil and gas industry. Our proven suite of applications streamline existing business processes and empower our clients by providing easy access and allowing them to have care and control of their own data.

A Look at the Numbers

Envirosoft’s EMPOWER suiteTM is the only web-based emissions management platform that is not only comprehensive and built as fit-for-purpose, but is also scalable for our oil and gas clients. As a result, our share of the Canadian market has grown significantly since we incorporated in 2003.  We provide solutions to over 25 oil and gas producers and midstreamers of various sizes in Canada.

Emission ManagerTM

Emission ManagerTM was used by industry to generate and upload emissions data for over 45% of the oil and gas facilities reporting to Environment Canada. Due to our ever increasing market share, this percentage is expected to continue to grow in the coming years.

Fuel-Flare-Vent ManagerTM

The count of active users for our Fuel-Flare-Vent ManagerTM currently stands at over 650 and is growing fast. The vast majority of these users are Field Operators and Production Accountants who use FFVM in their normal business practices to meet the challenges of reporting unmetered FFV data as part of their production accounting requirements and EPAP commitments.

Regulatory Document ManagerTM

Our Regulatory Document ManagerTM provides easy, on-line access to regulatory data for the approximately 35,000 active AER Facility Licenses in Alberta. As of today, we have compiled Directive 56 schedule information for approximately 20,000 new and amended facility licence applications submitted to the AER dating back to 2006.

Dehy ManagerTM

Dehy ManagerTM is used to generate the Dehydrator Engineering and Operations Sheets (DEOS) and report benzene emissions for approximately 700 operating glycol dehydrators in Canada. An additional 1,100 inactive dehydrators are also managed through DM for inventory and reporting purposes.

Client Testimonials

Implementation of Fuel-Flare-Vent ManagerTM has been very successful, with positive feedback from both field staff and production accounting. FFVM provides many advantages: it has an easy to access and use web-based interface for estimation and capture of routine and event driven unmetered volumes in common location, and flexible reporting that meets the needs of both internal and regulatory compliance in multiple jurisdictions. Having all of the data – both historical and current – in one database supports annual validation and review, annual regulatory reporting, and is a component of our internal processes for reporting unmetered fuel, flare and vented volumes, as well as evidence to support the annual EPAP declaration. Envirosoft has been an excellent vendor to work with. They are very knowledgeable regarding this subject and have been quick to respond to the few issues encountered, are open to enhancement suggestions, and provide user group sessions which have been very productive, allowing the application to continue to evolve in a very positive way.
Cheryl Kundert, Group Lead, Measurement & Reporting
Sinopec Canada
We have been using Emission ManagerTM and Dehy ManagerTM since 2009 and have been very happy with the close working relationship we have developed with the Envirosoft team. Their on-line solutions, in-depth environmental expertise, accessibility, and knowledge of our internal processes provide our company the confidence that our emissions data is reliable and being managed responsibly. This gives us the confidence we need to meet any existing or new environmental regulations, satisfy our external reporting needs and to develop internal GHG management strategies.
Environment & Regulatory
ARC Resources Ltd.
We had an extremely successful and smooth implementation of Fuel-Flare-Vent ManagerTM. We piloted and subsequently fully implemented the FFVM solution (including training) across all of our operations and production accounting department in under 10 months. Our end-users readily embraced the new system, and the in-depth subject matter expertise made available to us through Envirosoft’s implementation team was invaluable!
Kim Schacher, Senior Measurement Technician
Cenovus Energy
We have been using Regulatory Document ManagerTM for a couple of years now and really see the benefit of having quick and easy access to all of our AER Licence and Directive 56 schedule information. RDM has given us confidence that we are looking at the most up-to-date licence information for our facilities, but gives us access to all the historical licence information as well! It has been an excellent resource during our internal audits and AER inspections.
Jaime Graham, Manager, Environment
Bellatrix Exploration
We have been using Emission ManagerTM to calculate and manage both our operated our non-operated GHG and CAC emissions since 2005. Having on-line access to the source data that is uploaded into EM provides us the ability more easily monitor trends and identify anomalies. The information contained in the emission inventory reports is very granular and allows us to comply with all of our various environmental compliance and corporate sustainability reporting requirements.
Long-term Emission Manager client
Mid-size Oil & Gas Exploration and Production Company
Dehy ManagerTM manages all the operating data and analytical data for our large inventory of glycol dehydrators in one centralized, on-line system. It has greatly reduced the effort required to generate our DEOS with less reliance on consultants, and easily identifies sites that may (or will have) compliance issues. Since the data is centralized, DM makes the annual reporting of benzene emissions to the regulators simple and straightforward.
Long-term Dehy Manager client
Large Crude OIl and Natural Gas Producer

Some of Our Clients

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