About Us

Empowering people, streamlining process

Envirosoft Corporation was incorporated in February, 2003 and is based in Calgary, Alberta, Canada.  We are a leading business solution provider, with a strong reputation for providing specialized environmental and regulatory software solutions, technical environmental expertise, data management services, as well as IT development, customization, and integration services under one roof.  Our staff has a deep level of understanding of the unique challenges facing the oil and gas industry.

At Envirosoft we believe that we offer a number of key advantages:

  • Our web-based applications have been built specifically to meet the needs and to address the unique challenges facing the oil and gas industry.
  • Envirosoft’s billing model is subscription based, so there are no large front-end licensing fees that need to be incurred prior to implementation.  This lowers the overall project cost, as well as the risk for implementing our software solutions.
  • We offer our applications as externally hosted, web-based Software as a Service (Saas) solutions – accessed through a web browser, therefore there are no requirements for anything to be installed on company computers, and there are no internal IT support needs required to maintain the applications.
  • Numerous third-party verifiers have conducted assurance audits on our software applications and processes over the years to ensure they adhere to published calculation methodologies.

We continue to develop our applications to provide our customers with care and control over their information and data.  In an industry which was previously dominated by external consultants and spreadsheets, we empower our customers through fit-for-purpose, custom engineered applications, allowing them to autonomously manage all of their emissions data in a systematic and streamlined manner.


Envirosoft Solutions Technical Support (ESTS)

ESTS ensures our customers have the information they require to get the maximum value from Envirosoft’s solutions. The services they provide include the following:

  • Development of online help for all the applications
  • Management of customer support through our 1-800 number and support@envirosoft.com email
  • User training and documentation
  • Organization of user-group seminars and technical training sessions
  • Gathering of customer needs for future application development

Our Partner

Envirotech Engineering

Envirotech Engineering (Envirotech) is an Alberta-based environmental consulting firm specializing in the provision of Environmental Consulting & Management services. We offer high-quality competitive environmental services to a broad range of business and industry sectors including Oil & Gas, Energy, Finance and Real Estate, Construction and Development, Manufacturing, Mining and Government.

Our Team

Ted is a founding partner and President of Envirosoft Corporation.  He is a chemical engineer with over 30 years of experience in providing environmental consulting expertise and software solutions to the oil & gas and chemical manufacturing industries.  Ted brings a strong understanding of the regulatory drivers and reporting requirements related to air emissions from oil and gas operations across the various provincial and federal jurisdictions, and he is intimately familiar with the acceptable calculation methodologies used for the estimation of fuel, flare, vent and fugitive volumes and their associated emissions. Ted provided the technical specifications for the design and development of all of the software solutions that comprise Envirosoft’s EMPOWER suite™. 

Dan is a founding partner of Envirosoft and is also the Managing Partner of Envirosoft’s affiliated partner company, Envirotech Engineering.  He has over 30 years of experience working as a contaminant site assessment and remediation expert for many of the national oil companies, financial institutions, government and private industry.

Tim has a solid technical background in engineering, but for the past 25 years has been focused on sales and marketing of innovative software and hardware technology solutions.  His previous experience includes sales, implementation, and support of business process automation software to the oil and gas industry in Calgary, as well as regional sales management with an oilfield and industrial environmental services company.  In his current position, Tim leads the promotion and facilitates the implementation of Envirosoft’s EMPOWER suite™, while also working closely with Envirosoft’s affiliate partner companies to provide comprehensive emissions management solutions.

Lee has been with Envirosoft since its inception in 2003 and specializes in client relations, project implementation, and quality assurance.  Due to her in-depth knowledge of each of Envirosoft’s solutions in the EMPOWER suite™, Lee leads the Envirosoft Solutions Technical Support (ESTS) team, including providing training during the initial set-up and implementation of Envirosoft’s solutions, as well as providing ongoing client support.  She is also integral to the ongoing enhancements and testing of Envirosoft’s solutions.

George has been with Envirosoft since 2008.  He is is a senior software developer, with over 30 years of experience in developing and implementing environmental management systems for the oil and gas industry.  He holds a Bachelor of Environmental Engineering, as well as a Masters in Oil and Gas Engineering.  George leads the operational maintenance and ongoing development of the solutions provided as part of Envirosoft’s EMPOWER suite™. 

Philip has been with Envirosoft since its inception in 2003.  He is a senior software developer with extensive experience in the design, implementation, programming, and integration of databases.  Philip has provided IT solutions to the oil and gas industry for over 30 years, including the development of production accounting and fluid tracking systems, as well as the implementation of surface lease acquisition projects.  Philip is responsible for the data integration capability of Envirosoft’s solutions to link with data sources such as PETRINEX and internal production accounting systems, as well as to access and extract AER Facility Licence and Directive 056 Schedule information.

Paulo holds a Masters of Information Systems Management (MISM) and has been with Envirosoft since 2007.  He has over 30 years of experience developing applications for the oil and gas, education, and finance industries, among others.  Paulo is responsible for the maintenance of the servers and security infrastructure for Envirosoft’s EMPOWER suite™ at its host facility, Q9 Networks.  He also maintains Envirosoft’s internal development environment and servers.  Paulo also developed Envirosoft’s NPRI Connect™ utility, which facilitates the uploading of emissions and other critical facility information to Environment Canada’s web-based reporting system. 

Kendal has been with Envirosoft since 2015.  He holds a Bachelor of Science in Computer Science and has over 7 years of experience in systems analysis, database design, development, support, and maintenance of various web applications.  Kendal is currently the senior application specialist and product steward for Emission Manager™, Dehy Manager™, NOx Manager™ and Environmental Project Manager™ and continually employs his skillful technical expertise in executing the ongoing development, integration, and enhancements of the EMPOWER suite™.

Alina has been with Envirosoft since 2011 and is primarily responsible for the regular uploading of clients’ PETRINEX data into Emission Manager™, for tracking regulatory documents from the Alberta Energy Regulator (AER), and for updating Envirosoft’s Regulatory Document Manager™ as part of this managed service.  Alina also works closely with Envirosoft’s developers and serves a critical role in conducting comprehensive application testing for any new enhancements and functionality being introduced into the software prior to release.

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